How to set up Keyword to Story tool?

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How to set up keyword to story

(How to set up keyword to story – infographic)


Quick Guide:



  1. Go to “Keywords to Story”
  2. Input a keyword or keyword phrase (Ex; Latest USA News, Cristiano Ronald, Virat Kohli etc.)
  3. Set the slides selection (Ex: 9, 10, 15 etc)
  4. Put your CTA/swipe up Link (Ex:
  5. Put your CTA texts (Ex: Learn more, More Stories, Read more etc. )
  6. Add a Category Name (Ex: News, Tech, Sports etc)
  7. Choose the Text color (by default it’s white)
  8. Choose the Texts background color (by default it’s Black)
  9. Choose the Background opacity width 100% (by default it’s 90%)
  10.  Choose border style (by default it’s solid)
  11. Don’t change the border width (by default it’s 1)
  12. Select the current web stories plugin (by default, currently, it’s Google Web Stories)
  13. Select the Texts Language you want to translate (By default it’s English)
  14. Select Your desired site to which this web story will be published (By default the first linked site will be shown)
  15. Select the Export type (there’s only one: Direct post which is best)
  16. Choose the web story status to Publish.




Input Keyword: Virat Kohli



(Real status of Images being uploaded in the wordpress site)




(Check the recent Scraped story published in web stories dashboard section)

Here’s the Result: 


How to check the story is valid or not?

– Use #development=1 at the end of the story. (Remember; you should be logged in to your wordpress account to view this)




Note: If there are enough web stories published on Search Engines for that particular keyword, then our tool definitely find a story and publish it with the set up you have made.

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