[Resolved] I am unable to Link My WordPress Site!

Hey, from v5.0, you can easily link your WordPress site using REST API. Read more here: How to Link Your WordPress Website – via REST API?


PS: The below reasons are for them who are trying to link via XMLRPC method.


There are several reasons caused in Site Linking process. Among them, we have noticed some general issues.


While linking your website, you may face white blank screen or <ProtocolError for www.example.com/xmlrpc.php: 403 Forbidden> after clicking on “Link web” even after you have put all correct credentials.


This is due to the xmlrpc.php disable. Make sure you have enabled the xmlrpc.php before linking your website.


You can enable it by using any third party plugin like: Manage XML-RPC  .


Or, you may contact your web server/hosting provider team to do it for you. (Recommended)


PS: Ask your developer or hosting provider to enable the xmlrpc.php for these above IP:


(Caution: it’s little bit techie. You may need any .php developer’s assistance for the same.)


  • Incorrect username or password.

Make sure you have added correct WordPress Username as well as the password while linking the site. The username/ID should have the Administrator access so that our tool can upload images and publish the stories easily.


  • StoryScraper.io was unable to authenticate with your website


This type of error comes when your website has an active cache plugin like WP Rocket or Litespeed or any. Make sure you have cleared all caches before linking the site or you may temporarily deactivate the cache plugin.


  • [Errno 111] Connection refused


This error generally comes when you have put any wrong domain/site URL to which our server can’t able to access it.


  • Syntax error: line 1, column 0

Make sure you don’t use any PROXY DNS instead of your hosting NS or IP for the site you try to link.

Proxy DNS like Cloudflare, Ezoic DNS etc.


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